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Aviation Xtreme Protection Solution

Why should you use CrystalXtreme® to protect your plane?

The aviation sector spends a lot of money on protecting planes including commercial airlines, private jets and military aircrafts. The requirements for each are different when you look at cleanliness because this does not only cover aesthetics but also hygiene, bacteria/disease spreading and easy to clean and maintain. CrystalXtreme® provides a solution for all three and offers even more benefits. Our coatings have been trialled extensively on private jets and offer various benefits depending on the surface it is applied to. In the interior of planes our coatings have been used to protect carpets and other upholstery to prevent staining and provide resistance to daily wear and tear. Other coatings are applied on the galley surfaces to enhance their appearance as coated surfaces maintain an “as good as new” look and are very easy to clean. On the exterior of the aircraft, CrystalXtreme® has been proven to be significantly more durable than the conventional protective coatings which are currently used. Our aviation grade Xtreme Permanent Protection which can be applied on plane engines as well as the body of the aircraft protects from corrosion and harsh weather conditions.
In aviation, time is of the essence and by using CrystalXtreme® staff and owners can achieve that high clean appearance and maintain the brand image of the airline within the tightest of timeframes.

What are the benefits of using CrystalXtreme® to protect your plane?

CX_XCreates an abrasion resistant invisible layer of protection

CX_XProtects paint work with a protection resistance of up to 750ºC and as low as -90ºC

CX_XProvides corrosion protection

CX_XReduces drag and improves aerodynamics through its super hydrophobic protective layer

CX_XProtects upholstery from staining

CrystalXtreme® products for cars

Permanent Protection


All aircrafts go through an incredible amount of changes in pressure through both speed and changes in altitude. CrystalXtreme® Xtreme Permanent Protection has been designed to withstand extraordinary changes in pressure and altitude. With heat resistance up to 750°C and as low as 90°C. It creates a super-hydrophobic nano-layer to slide through the air.

Upholstery Protection

With the amount of traffic and entertainment in aircrafts, the interiors become extremely dirty. Vacuuming works well but not against staining. Whether it is stains on the carpets coming from outside or food and drink stains on the seats. CrystalXtreme® Xtreme Soft Surface Protection has been designed to repel spills and protect all upholstery from staining as well as provide antibacterial protection killing up to 99.9% of bacteria according to ASTM tests. But, if you’re competing in a MXS-R plane like Nigel Lamb then you don’t need our Xtreme Soft Surface Protection, all you need is our Xtreme Permanent Protection to reduce drag and slide through the air.

Canope Protection

Whilst new technologies are helping us predict the weather conditions, it is still inevitable to come across many unexpected surprises when flying at such altitudes. CrystalXtreme® Xtreme Hard Surface Protection provides great protection and hydrophobicity for the canopy and windscreen in order to repel all the bugs and dirt encountered during the flight.

How to apply CrystalXtreme® on a plane?

CrystalXtreme® Xtreme Permanent Protection is a professional coating that needs to be applied by trained personnel. If you are interested in obtaining this product please contact our sales team for more information. Our staff will provide you with details on your nearest application center or provide you with authorisaton to apply this specific product.

For information about product specific application please refer to the “Application Instructions” tab on each product in the CrystalXtreme® Shop, and please ensure to read the instructions booklet provided with all orders prior to applying CrystalXtreme® on your aircraft.


Crystalxtreme_application_step_1Clean: Prepare the entire aircraft by cleaning it thoroughly ensuring it is free from dust, oil, grease and other soiling or surfactants. Only use cleaners without any drying agents. If preferred you can clay-bar the aircraft first. After this wipe the plane’s surface with alcohol, we recommend organic isopropanol. Once completed buff the surface dry with a microfibre cloth. Xtreme Permanent Protection will seal any dirt and imperfections so it is essential to ensure the surface is prepared to perfection. 

Crystalxtreme_application_step_2Apply: Prior to applying CrystalXtreme® Xtreme Permanent Protection on your aircraft ensure the surface is completely dry. Only use spraying guns with aluminium shafts or for smaller aircrafts it is advisable to apply by hand to avoid product being wasted. Distribute evenly across the entire surface until the cloth is dry. Apply using a block motion not swirls. Please seek professional application advice if applying in very hot countries. 

Crystalxtreme_application_step_3Dry: The CrystalXtreme® Xtreme Permanent Protection layer will take 7 days to air dry and and provide complete protection. This process can be speeded up by using heat tunnels. 

Since CrystalXtreme® Xtreme Permanent Protection needs to be professionally applied, it is not available through our online shop nor our online retailer partners. To place an order of Xtreme Permanent Protection please contact our sales team.

Meet our CrystalXtreme® aviation ambassadors

Nigel Lamb

Breitling Team Red Bull Air Race 2015 World Champion